We connect users to birth control experts. We coordinate online or in-person visits with a provider, and we make sure you cost is never a barrier to your birth control of choice.
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We connect you to highly-skilled, respectful clinicians for virtual (via phone/computer) and/or in-person visits for the birth control of your choice.

We connect you to low or no cost appointments and birth control options.  We believe cost should never be an obstacle for picking whichever birth control works best for you.

If you want a birth control method that requires an in person visit,  we’ll give you a promo code for a free Lyft ride (must have Lyft app) to and from your visit.

Your selected health provider welcomes all insurance; if you don't have insurance or aren't sure of coverage, we support all options without financial barriers, including  removals of IUDs or implants. Health centers will help you to sign up for coverage which will support your entire reproductive well being.


Do I have to pay anything?  We make sure nobody has financial barriers to get the birth control of choice.  If your insurance doesn’t cover birth control or requires a co-pay, no worries;  Juno4Me will help support you so it's no cost or low cost. If you don’t have insurance, Juno4Me providers will see if you qualify for any other funds that help cover the cost of birth control. Remember, some of these funds may require paperwork and financial counseling ahead of time (done via phone or same day as your in person visit). If you don’t qualify for these other funds, Juno4Me will take care of the contraceptive visit registered through Juno4Me.

How do I make an appointment/ where are the providers near me?  Providers are in the Chicagoland area, see the map of providers. Just register here, answer the phone when your birth control expert team calls you back (usually within 1-3 days), make an appointment, and show up (might be virtually or in person).

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M.M. - College student - Age 18

If you cannot afford or do not feel comfortable discussing particular birth control options with your family, Juno4Me exists and is able to truly support you and your bodily decisions!

V.U. - Teacher's Assistant and Research Assistant - Age 23

Juno4me was informative on free resources and gave me the courage to finally get the copper IUD. My insurance made my mother pay 800 dollars for her IUD so, Juno4me allowed me the accessibility and affordability of birth control.

V.T.G - Policy Analyst & Field Interviewer - Age 22

Juno4me helped me get the care I needed without worrying so much about the financial barriers.

V.K. - Age 29

I would say go for it! They are amazing to work with. Very compassionate.


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Juno4Me Keeps It Real: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Find out what method might be best for you.

An internal (female) condom is a pouch you insert into your vagina before sex. It may seem a bit odd , but it gives you more control than a male condom when it comes to preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  

External (male) condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control out there. They slip over an erected penis to prevent pregnancy, keeping the sperm inside the condom and not in the vagina. Use this for decreasing the risk of sexually transmitted infections/HIV.

Cervical Caps & Diaphragms  are shallow, dome-shaped cups made of latex or silicone.  They are inserted up to 6 hours before sex and are meant to cover the cervix.  These should always be used with a spermicide gel/foam for it to really work at pregnancy prevention.

The Patch  is like a square Band-Aid and contains both estrogen and progesterone and comes in one—and only one—color (Beige). You stick the patch on your torso every week for three weeks and take it off for one week at which time you have “your period”. Repeat.

The Pill”is a pill  (how’s that for stating the obvious) and comes in many different brand names and colors based on the level and type of estrogen and progesterone. You have to take daily at the same time for it to work  well at preventing pregnancy.

The Ring is a small, bendable plastic ring with estrogen and progesterone that you insert into your vagina. You leave it in place for three weeks at a time, then take it out for the fourth week where you get your “period”. Repeat.

The Shot is just what it sounds like—an injection  of the progesterone hormone.   Once you get it, your birth control is covered -there’s nothing else you have to do except be sure to make an appointment every 3 months.

The Implant  is a teeny-tiny rod with progestin that is inserted under the skin on the inside of your upper arm. It’s so small, in fact, most people can’t see it once it’s inserted—which means it can be your little secret, if you’re so inclined.

IUDs are T- shaped plastic devices  (about the size of a quarter) inserted in the uterus.  They last 3-12 years but can be removed sooner.  One type has no hormones and the others have progesterone.


Juno4Me providers are experts in the field of reproductive health. They are comprehensive, inclusive and supportive of whatever decision you make.

"I received an IUD through Juno4me and  I wanted to thank whoever made it possible for me to have the OPPORTUNITY for free birth control. I actually cried with joy and hugged my Gynecologist after the procedure was completed. You have no idea how much this means to me. Thank you again for helping me protect myself."

M.R. Chicago, IL- 27 years old


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And, remember to always wear a condom to protect against STIs.