Youth Ambassadors

Meet Our Youth Ambassadors


Let’s be honest. Many young people don’t want to hear from their parents, teachers, or most adults about birth control methods and sexual health. In fact, most young people turn to their peers or the internet for advice related to reproductive and sexual health. 

Juno4Me Youth Ambassadors are motivated, dynamic, and passionate young adults. Grounded in their communities, they share accurate sexual health education. They connect users to Juno4Me as a trusted and vetted resource for hassle-free contraception.

We asked our Ambassadors to introduce themselves in their own words. Check out their bios below!


Amanda Nicole Stocchetti

Amanda is a current 4th year student at DePaul University studying Sociology, Chinese Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is a passionate, driven student who advocates for reproductive justice in her daily life. Amanda has experience interning and volunteering in the non-profit sector with other Chicagoland non-profit organizations. When she is not studying, she loves reading, writing, traveling, and exploring museums!


Dylan O'Connor

Dylan is a high school senior from Chicago and an aspiring filmmaker with a passion for documentary filmmaking and writing. She is often described by her friends as outgoing and opinionated. At school, she is the president of Feminist Club and participate in Jewish Student Union, Black Student Union, and American Sign Language Club. Outside of school, she enjoys hanging out with her two little sisters and exploring the city with her friends. Her favorite color is light purple and she loves dogs. 


Hannah Baity

Hannah is a young writer and performer. She loves all things theatre and circus. She's also an an activist. She's committed to ensuring reproductive justice for all. She's very excited to be working toward that goal with Juno4Me.


Jahia Nneka Collier

Jahia is an innovative and compassionate seventeen-year-old. She is the youngest of four girls all of which were born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jahia enjoys watching YouTube, sculpting and playing softball during her downtime. In the future she aspires to be a well-known veterinarian and clinic owner. For now, she spends her weekends volunteering at PAWS Chicago (Pets Are Worth Saving). Aside from wanting to be a vet, she also hopes to travel to every continent. 


Kamryn Brown

Kamryn is 18 years old, and a freshman at Harold Washington College in Chicago, IL. She's majoring in health sciences to become and orthopedic surgeon. In her spare time she likes to model, workout, and go to the movies. She's also a seasoned volleyball player, and she intends on continuing her career when she transfers to a 4-year university.


Maggie Lyman

Maggie is currently in her second year as an AmeriCorps member with City Year Chicago working at Gage Park High School. She is driven by equity work and excellence and intends to spend the rest of her career in this field. She moved to Chicago from Connecticut about a year and a half ago and has fallen in love with this city. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, camping, and trying new restaurants!


Malissa Brooks

Malissa spent her elementary years growing up in Louisiana. Then the rest of her childhood in Oregon. Her family moved around a lot. She's had the opportunity to travel all over the world and she graduated culinary school in 2015. After culinary school she worked for a celebrity chef and decided culinary wasn’t her thing. She became a domestic violence advocate in Oregon. She's currently living in Chicago because she is doing a service year called Avodah working within the anti-poverty movement. 


Nkosi Hampton

Nkosi Hampton is 21 years old and currently a peer advocate with the voices team at BYC. She grew up on the north side of Chicago but now currently resides on the South Side. She recently did a course at Chicago House about sexual health and to become an HIV/ STI tester and counselor. In the future some day she’d like to have her own resource center to aid youths in becoming their best selves.


Shawone Gooden-Brown

Shawone has a daughter. Her name is Wynter. She’ll be 19 this December. She’s friendly, charming and has a big heart. Her listening skills are A1. Lastly, she's not afraid to be talkative.


Stevia Ndoe

Stevia is a senior in high school. She is very passionate about intersectional feminism, human rights, and normalizing conversations about sex. Outside of school, she likes to sing, take photos, and bake (so expect some snacks from her). She's French/Cameroonian-American, which is a large part of her identity and something that she takes a lot of pride in. She is really excited to be a part of this program and take part in making a change in her community. 


Thwisha Sabloak

Thwisha is a biology graduate from Washington University in St. Louis and currently works as a health educator at Heartland Health Centers at Hibbard and Lincoln Square. She grew up in Omaha, so she is incredibly excited to move to Chicago and has been exploring the city as much as she can! Additionally, she aspires to become a practicing OBGYN some day, and therefore she is passionate about Juno4Me's mission regarding reproductive health and protecting reproductive rights. 

Juno4Me is a non-profit organization that connects folks in Chicago to providers who are highly skilled with inserting/removing IUDs and implants; the two most effective and safe methods of hassle-free birth control. The cost of IUDs and implants are also the most expensive of all birth control methods and they both require a procedure that a lot of providers don’t offer. In a nutshell, this means they are a lot harder to access. Juno4Me believes everyone should have the education and tools to decide if/when to be pregnant or be a parent. Juno4Me ensures the user never has to pay out of pocket (yes, it’s free!) and the user can get a free Lyft ride to & from the visit, if needed.

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oh, and don’t forget to always wear a condom, as this is the best way to protect against STIs.