Youth Ambassador Program

We've been taking applications for our inaugural Ambassadors for the last few weeks, and we will be announcing them soon!

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Here's more information about our Young Ambassador's Program

Did you know that in the state of Illinois, you are allowed to consent to birth control without a parent’s permission as long as you are 12 years old? Probably not, right? In fact, there’s a lot of us, especially young people, who are not aware of our rights in accessing reproductive health regardless of age, sex/gender, insurance, or documentation. Moreover, many of you may not even know all the various types of contraceptives, the risks and ways to prevent or treat sexually transmitted (STIs), and many other facts related to sexual health. Juno4Me is seeking individuals, ages 17-24, in the city of Chicago who are interested in becoming health advocates for themselves and their communities!

Become a Junie!

What is it?

Let’s be honest. Many young people don’t want to hear from their parents, teachers, or most adults about birth control methods and sexual health. In fact, most young people turn to their peers or the internet for advice related to reproductive and sexual health. Juno4Me is seeking motivated, dynamic, and passionate individuals to be on the ground in their communities as informed young adults sharing accurate sexual health education and connecting users to Juno4Me as a trusted and vetted resource for hassle-free contraception.

Juno4Me is a non-profit organization that connects folks in Chicago to providers who are highly skilled with inserting/removing IUDs and implants; the two most effective and safe methods of hassle-free birth control. The cost of IUDs and implants are also the most expensive of all birth control methods and they both require a procedure that a lot of providers don’t offer. In a nutshell, this means they are a lot harder to access. Juno4Me believes everyone should have the education and tools to decide if/when to be pregnant or be a parent. Juno4Me ensures the user never has to pay out of pocket (yes, it’s free!) and the user can get a free Lyft ride to & from the visit, if needed.

What are we looking for?

This will be a competitive process. We will select up to 10 members who will be part of the first cohort of Junies.

Review the checklist below and see if you think you are a good fit to be a Junie.

  • 17- 24 years old at time of starting the program.
  • Live in the Chicago Area (must be able to commute into the city monthly and have a reliable way of traveling around in your local community).
  • Social butterfly - talks to anyone and everyone, engages easily in a social situation.
  • Curious teacher- Inquisitive, creative, and interested in learning about reproductive healthcare.
  • Leader of the pack - you are often organizing and leading activities amongst your friends and you thrive in a group setting.
  • Influencer- you are active on social media, you attend local events and you are up to date on cultural trends.
  • Must be able to commit about 2-3 hours/week or about 10 hours/month.
  • Majority of hours can be done on the evenings or weekends.

What we need from you?

  • Attend and engage at monthly meeting with other Junies and Juno4Me staff
    • Will have working meetings over dinner
    • Connect with other youth ambassadors and build ideas off one another
  • To host at least 4 events per year (school, home, community)
    • This can be a gathering of a few friends in your home, hosting a table at an event at your school or community, or something we haven’t thought of yet! That's why we need creative Junies!
  • Identify & engage with 4 community organizations
    • Build your community engagement skills by identifying community businesses or hangouts where you can post/drop off flyers & share information about Juno4Me.
  • Share one approved educational social media post per month
    • Once a month, use your media platform(s) to share with your network how to get connected with Juno4Me & what we do.

What do you get out of it?

  • Meet like-minded young leaders & network with professionals in the women’s health/reproductive health field.
  • Learn about reproductive health, health equity and become an informed leader on topics such as:
    • Birth control methods
    • Sexually Transmitted Infections
    • Reproductive rights in Illinois
    • Minor laws in Illinois
    • Sexual violence prevention
    • Consent & communication
  • Develop professional skills that will be an asset for future jobs and/or schooling. You will get to practice presentation skills and learn effective social media tools.
  • Monthly honorarium in the form of gift cards. $150 every month!
  • FUN

We are no longer taking application for our inaugural team of Ambassadors. If you're interested in learning about birth control options or getting an IUD or implant, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

If you have any questions email Angela:

Don’t forget to book an appointment

oh, and don’t forget to always wear a condom, as this is the best way to protect against STIs.