Youth Advisory Board

Seeking Youth Advisory Board Members


In this role, you will be a vital voice to the initiative by providing feedback on training and communication materials, increasing awareness on reproductive health access among your peer networks, and reviewing and informing policy development and implementation. Through monthly meetings with peers and quarterly meetings with community members, you will benefit from connecting with like-minded youth leaders and community-based organizations, networking with reproductive health professionals, and participating in educational, leadership, and professional development opportunities.

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What are we looking for?

This will be a competitive process and we will select 8-10 members who will be part of the community advisory board. Review the checklist below and see if you think you are a good fit:


  • 17- 24 years old at the start of the program.
  • Live in the Chicagoland area (must be able to commute into the city monthly and have a reliable way of traveling around in your local community (Virtual meetings until further notice).
  • Social Media Guru – actively on one or more social media platform(s). More importantly, you use your platform to educate, inform, and discuss topics you are passionate about with your peers.
  • Interest in learning about and advancing reproductive health access & equity (ex. Birth control access, abortion access, maternal health, reproductive justice).
  • You have regular access to wifi and a computer, laptop, and/or smartphone.
  • Must be able to commit to the program for one year and attend one meeting per month.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Curious Thinker - Asks questions, respectfully challenges ideas and opinions, and learns on their own
  • Natural Born Leader – You have experience leading, planning, or organizing activities or events activities amongst your friends and you thrive in a group setting
  • Outspoken – In a room full of people you are unafraid to voice your thoughts, ideas, and opinions. You use your voice for the better good of your community

What we need from you

  1. Commit to a one-year youth advisory board and attend one meeting per month
  2. Actively participate in monthly meetings
  3. Attend quarterly Community Advisory Board meetings with other community members, healthcare providers, reproductive health experts, and staff
  4. Inform decision making related to initiative such as:
    1. Reviewing messaging and training
    2. Using social media and other outlets to educate peers and community
    3. Reviewing policy expanding access and coverage for contraceptive care
  5. Share reproductive health information and resources to your peers and community on a monthly basis via your social media platform(s)
  6. Create & implement a project for your peers and community that increases awareness of initiative, education, engagement and empowerment of their right to reproductive health.
      1. Project Requirements:
      2. Must have a reach of at least 50 people
      3. Project focus must be relevant to Chicagoland area
      4. Implementation must be completed by August 2021
      5. Present project findings to invited community members, staff, and reproductive health experts
  1. Identify & engage with one community organizations that would be interested in initiative
      1. Build your community engagement skills by identifying community organizations or businesses that can advance initiative’s objectives.

What you get out of it

  1. Meet like-minded young leaders & network with professionals in the reproductive health field.
  2. Inform a state-wide initiative that would potentially improve access and care for those receiving reproductive health care
  3. Learn about reproductive health, health equity and become an informed leader on topics such as the following:
    1. Birth control methods
    2. Sexually Transmitted Infections
    3. Reproductive rights in Illinois
    4. Minor laws in Illinois
  4. Professional Development – monthly meetings will be made up of various learning opportunities from staff and Chicago-based organizations
  5. A quarterly honorarium of $250 contingent on consistent participation in meetings and project implementation.

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And, remember to always wear a condom to protect against STIs.