Youth Advisory Board

Youth Advisory Board Members

YAB members are selected individuals aged 16-24 who are serving as a vital voice to a statewide initiative to improve contraceptive quality and increase contraceptive access. Members will be providing ongoing feedback on training and communication materials; increasing awareness on reproductive health/rights/equity among their own communities and networks; and reviewing and informing policy development and implementation. YAB members will be integrated into a larger Community Advisory Board representing the Illinois Contraceptive Access Initiative Board. Congratulations to this new powerhouse cohort!

Corazon Avila (she/her)

Corazon is currently a sophomore undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), where she is a part of the GPPA Medicine program. She is majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. Some of her interests include health disparities research, being actively engaged in improving resource access in underserved communities, and women’s health. In her free time Corazon enjoys weight lifting, taking her dog on walks, and cooking Mexican food.

Egypt Watson (she/her)

Egypt is a Junior at the Loyola University of Chicago majoring in Political Science with a minor in English. Having spent time volunteering at community food pantries, donation drives, and clean-up programs, she has witnessed firsthand how women of all ages seek reproductive health care assistance. She believes this experience will offer her an opportunity to be more of an asset to the women of her community. She enjoys soul food with chocolate for dessert. As much as she loves to eat, Egypt loves to exercise and actively read. Lastly, Egypt loves being in school and finds joy in learning.

Esther Ajayi (she/her)

Esther is a grad student at UIC receiving her MPH in Epidemiology and Global Health. She received her BS in Community Health from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Esther is interested in a career within public health. Outside of school/work, she enjoys baking and singing!

Isis Proctor (she/her)

Isis is high school senior from the Southside of Chicago. She wants to start using her platform for something that can really benefit the women in her life and also teach herself something in return. She enjoys watching movies and tv shows. Her favorite movie of all time is Menace II Society because the plot is so complex. She is also learning to cook and sew her own clothes.

Kaisa Elliot (she/her)

Born and raised in Minnesota, Kaisa graduated from the University of Chicago in 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy Studies. She is now working at a Federally Qualified Health Center in the West Side of Chicago, as a Maternal Child Health Care Coordinator, where she gets first hand experience on how insurance coverage and health care policies prevent patients from accessing the care that they need. Kaisa is currently interviewing for medical schools, and with her passion for women’s health and full spectrum care, she believes that she will go into family medicine and specialize in high risk obstetric care. In her free time, Kaisa loves mountain biking, kickboxing and reading books.

Lily Zavala (she/her)

Lily is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, majoring in Sociology with a minor in Criminology. As a Latina, Lily feels it is vital that the voices of women of color are included in discussions about reproductive health. Her plans are to get her masters in Social Work and work as a Clinical Social Worker. She has a dog named Mateo and love arts and crafts.

Tasia Gabriel (she/her)

Tasia is a native Detroiter who moved to Chicago after graduating from Loyola University New Orleans where she studied Sociology, Mass Communications, & Spanish. She believes in the power that reproductive health resources have in the quality of life for many young women. She now lives in Pilsen where she has fallen in love with the city and people. Tasia enjoys taking walks, photography, thrifting, cooking, and always listens to/looking for new music.

Nydia Monroy (she/her)

Nydia is a recent college graduate and studied Latin American Studies and PNP (Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology) in undergrad. She is passionate about making those reproductive health conversations and experiences accessible and hassle free for others. She works as an Outreach Assistant at FLAP, a non-profit that focuses on advocacy and improving working conditions for migrant and seasonal workers in Illinois. In her down time, Nydia has been cooking, attempting to bake more, watching spooky movies, and trying to re-teach herself Portuguese.

Trinity Colon (she/her)

Trinity is a youth organizer and activist focused on bettering the social, economical, and physical environment we all live in. Trinity loves all things with fun people, plants, pineapples, and pumpkin spice! She's an introvert, but can really talk for hours if you let her. She is from the Southeast Side of Chicago and her neighborhood is a HUGE part of her and holds it close to her heart.

Vivica Lewis (she/her)

Vivica is a second-year student at Northwestern University majoring in sociology and global health studies on the pre-public health track. She was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Vivica is extremely passionate about education, equality, public health, and social justice. This year, she is looking forward to working with other board members to advance reproducitve health in Chicago!

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