No, I don’t think I want (more) children now or anytime soon

There are many types of birth control, but if preventing pregnancy is the most important factor, an IUD or Implant might be something to consider.


If you are undecided, go to Bedsider to review all your birth control options.  Juno4Me can connect you to the pill, patch, ring and EC pills- possibly over the phone (called telehealth). And if you are leaning towards an IUD or implant, Juno4Me can arrange for a hassle-free single visit  insertion. And when you are ready to consider pregnancy, Juno4Me offers free removals- anytime- for anyone.

Ready to find a Contraceptive Care Provider?

Check out this list of skilled providers and pick the one you want to see when you fill out the appointment form.  Note some speak languages other than English and some have age requirements.

Once you pick a provider, click above to start making your appointment. Not sure about how to get there? No worries - a few days before your appointment, we will send you a  Lyft rideshare code that covers your ride to/from the selected Juno4me provider.  Let us know if you need a ride when you fill out the appointment form. Easy.

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And, remember to always wear a condom to protect against STIs.