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Helpful and inexpensive.

Juno4me was informative on free resources and gave me the courage to finally get the copper IUD. My insurance made my mother pay 800 dollars for her IUD so, Juno4me allowed me the accessiblity and affordability of birth control.
V.U. - Teacher's Assistant and Research Assistant - Age 23


Juno4me helped me get the care I needed without worrying so much about the financial barriers.
V.T.G. - Policy Analyst & Field Interviewer - Age 22

Wow, what an amazing experience.

As a woman who is uninsured, this program gave me access to birth control I would have had to save months for. An IUD is $900, and I got it for free!!! My nurse practitioner was excellent. I mean NO BRAINER. This program is the most just thing that has happened to reproductive care in a while. Thank you for all you do!

It was pretty good.

I would tell them if you're looking for free birth control then you should try it.


I tell all my friends who are looking for birth control that Juno4me is definitely the way to go.


It was super easy, and I was able to get an IUD with no costs.


I am an underinsured student, and Juno4Me made the monthly stress of paying for birth control disappear.

The best!

A great program that works with teens and adults to provide free contraceptives. They care about the patients and provide the best service I have ever seen!


Very friendly.


I would highly recommend Juno4me. The process was incredibly easy and most importantly, I felt comfortable every step through.


It's the best, simple, face-to-face care that asks no questions.

Easy, comforting, empowering.

Juno4Me was an amazing organization that linked me to a provider in my area for an implant. Everyone was so nice over the phone and in person. This was an efficient and effective way to receive free contraception. I felt very comfortable and heard throughout the entire process!

Trustworthy and easy to access.

Honestly, just go for it. If you’re scared about the side effects, well just remember that your body is different to everyone else’s and that their experience might be different to yours. There’s all sorts of long term birth control to choose from and I think that if one doesn’t work well with your body, then just switch to another one! 🙂

Don’t forget to book an appointment

oh, and don’t forget to always wear a condom, as this is the best way to protect against STIs.