New Chicago-Area Program Helps Women Get Free Birth Control (NBC 5 Chicago)

10.5.2019 | Juno4Me

Juno4Me was profiled in CBS 5 Chicago’s “Making a Difference” primetime feature this past Thursday (October 3rd, 2019). In the segment below, reporter Anayeli Ruiz interviews one of Juno4Me’s local clients, along with founder, Kai Tao, and one of our providers, Kristina Pontarelli, at Chicago’s Esperanza Health Center. Check out the segment below.

Or you can watch the segment on NBC 5 Chicago’s site: “New Chicago-Area Program Helps Women Get Free Birth Control” Here’s a quick preview:

Perez is one of many young adults in Chicago that is uninsured. But a new program has stepped in to help. It’s called Juno4Me.


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