#LiveWithoutLimits Pop-up Gallery a Huge Success!

08.14.2019 | Juno4Me

Last Wednesday was a beautiful culmination of community, support, and the arts. In celebrating youth empowerment and artistry, Juno4Me hosted an art submission contest for Chicago artists ages 15-24. Amazing and creative artwork was submitted that exemplified what it means to “live without limits”. From the original 12 submissions, the top eight voted submissions were invited to publicly display their work at the Live Without Limits Pop Up Gallery at Reunion Chicago. The winner received a monetary prize and their artwork will be featured on Juno4Me swag in 2020. We are grateful to celebrate with many of our provider partners, including Rush Adolescent CenterErie Family Health Center, and Esperanza Health Centers. We also appreciate the family and friends of the artists, Juno4Me supporters, and members of the Humboldt Park community who came out to celebrate youth artistry and talent with amazing music, talented singers, delicious Puerto Rican food, and lifesize IUDs and implants in our photobooth. Thank you to everyone who attended, those who voted, and to our volunteers and staff! And a big congratulations to Ibrahim Sabbi, our #Livewithoutlimits winner, with his piece “My Body”!

You can see the top eight final submissions at the bottom of the page. Here are some photos from the event:

And here are our top eight artist submissions:


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