Game Changer

01.25.2019 | Juno4Me

I spent my late teens and early twenties trying to find a birth control option that worked with my lifestyle.  I needed something that was easy to use and discreet, as well as something I didn’t have to remember to do daily.  My provider recommended an IUD, and it’s been a game changer.  I travel a lot, so I love that after one visit to the doctor I don’t have to think about refilling prescriptions, packing supplies or finding time out of my busy, unpredictable day to deal with birth control.  Plus, with my IUD I don’t have to worry about my period when I’m away from home, which is a huge bonus! I had no ideas there are other benefits aside from pregnancy prevention.

Nkili, 26, Graduate Student @ UIC
Tags: discrete, IUD, no periods, no worries,

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oh, and don’t forget to always wear a condom, as this is the best way to protect against STIs.