At the Women’s March with the Juno4Me Youth Ambassadors

02.17.2020 | Juno4Me

Our Youth Ambassadors, aka Junies, did an amazing job in bringing out their peers for the 2020 Women’s March Chicago. We joined each other at 8:30 in the morning, and the youth came out despite the weather and early Saturday! Inspirational, women-empowerment songs energized the room as the creative folks gathered their materials and phones to make the best, attention-grabbing posters. 

After inhaling the donuts, coffee, and OJ, we were ready to head out to make noise using our voices and bodies to stand in comradery with other women and allies in Chicago. A group of us stood by the reproductive health block sharing the resource and service Juno4Me has to offer, while the rest of us walked, danced, and chanted reminding folks “My body, my choice!”


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